It is a fact that Turkey has got strategically and environmentally important coastwise taking place on transit points of the international energy transport.

Particularly the Straights are strategically important for the world trade and transportation. Based on the 2017 official figures, from Bosphorus 42.978 and from Dardanelles 44.615 ships passed which of all those ships were 13.732 LNG, LPG and crude oil tankers. Straights are one of the most beautiful places of the World as well, hence it is necessary to conduct a summit will become a current issue and excite the attention of whole world, every year in Turkey.

There is a significant amount of contamination and devastation caused by petrol and hazardous chemical transportation which cannot be easily measured.

By organizing this summit, we would like to provide a platform for the latest technical, scientific, legislative and organizational developments in oil spill where the national, regional and international organizations, petrol, and shipping industries take part and contribute. Academicians, experts, expert companies and equipment producer companies can share their knowledge.

The primary purpose of our event is to discuss International Compensation Rights for the contamination becomes evident during transportation, at the panels with the participation of foreign experts and create awareness.

Another important topic is to discuss the countermeasures for minimizing these accidents and devastations. Petrol response and prevention is an expanding industry comprising hundreds of companies. We hit this event on the date of July 1st, Maritime and Cabotage Day to generate a synergy with the atmosphere led by the National Day. We expect domestic and foreign establishments will express and promote themselves at panels and stands.

Main Topics of Conference:

- The International Oil Pollution Compensation ( IOPC ) Funds Panel
- Petrol Spill Industry Panel
- Foundation and Association Senior Level Presentations and Parallel Panels
- The Problems Turkish Coastwise Encounter because of Transportation

Who Should Participate

• Environmental foundations
• Maritime foundations
• The Brands transporting petrol and hazardous chemicals and Sponsoring whithin social responsibility projects
• Coastal Safety Solution Companies
• Consultancy Companies
• Emergency State Planning Companies
• Environmental Modeling Systems
• Ecology Companies
• Emergency Services
• Environmental Management
• Hydrographic Survey Software Companies
• Sea and Ocean Monitoring Equipment Companies
• R & D
• Coastal Cleaning Industry
• Wild-Life Rescue Teams .

Why To Participate?

Turkey has got very valuable assets and we have to be able to hand down to future,
The Conference and Event is supported by the people and organizations who devoted themselves to this issue,
It is a unique platform where you can express the contribution of your brand to Seas,
Our sponsors, participants and visitors have high sensitivity on the subject,
You may learn many things in this event and you can express your contribution or your products and services
Get or give new representations and distributorships.
Be informed about the innovations and developing technologies.

Our Sponsors

How To Participate?

You may promote your brand in a top level platform by being a sponsor.
You may exhibit your products at stands you buy.
You may take place at B2B meetings and you may find new customers by one-to-one negotiations
You may share your brand and subject with the audience.
The Exhibition Area will consist of standard and customized stands which will be designed in accordance with the needs and requests of the participants.
Please contact us for the customization of stands and particular requests including presentations.
The basic price for Turkish Spill & Contamination 2019 Conference and Exhibition for is 250.- Euro + 18% VAT per square meter.
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